Guitar Lessons: We are currently taking appointments for 1on1 guitar lessons with Ellis Robbins. Lessons range from 30 minutes to 2 hours each. Current rates are $50.00/hr. Contact us at to set up your appointment

Repair and Maintenance: We offer several services here at Adeline Guitars. From a quick polish to completely customizing your favorite guitar. Time frame and prices very from job to job so please contact our service department at

Services Provided

Instrument setup

Cleaning and restringing

Fret dressing and refretting

Nut and saddle replacement

Elecronic repair/replacement

Neck repair/replacement

Paint and body repair

Customization and restoration

Buy/Sell/Trade: We offer to buy, sell or trade your old instruments. No damage is too much damage and will give the best price possible. Please contact customer service at