We carry used, new, custom and novelty guitars with an inventory ranging from low to high end, . Striving not only to provide a suitable product for everyone’s needs but to also tailor a memorable and impeccable purchasing experience.

About Us

Ellis Robbins grew up doing wood working ranging from trinkets to furniture to house framing in the Portland metro area. Studying engineering, design and craftsmanship throughout school he then pursued automotive repair as a career. For 20 years he thrived as a successful technician while dabbling in his hobbies and passions. He created several metal and punk bands, served as an entertainment booker and promoter, started up an audio recording studio and provided graphic designing for local musicians. As rewarding as all that had been, his dream was to own and operate a music store as a luthier. So, with his beautiful wife and two children by his side, Adeline Guitars was born!

We thank you all for the love and support you have blessed us with

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